Le Pirate: a hut for surfers and Ajaccio locals

beach restaurant
Le Pirate: a hut for surfers and Ajaccio locals

This unpretentious restaurant serves very good food at the end of the Sanguinaires Promenade in Ajaccio, on the beautiful beach of Capo di Feno.

When heading to the "Pirate", the perfect senses of calm, nature, tranquillity and friendliness are immediately striking. There is no construction on the horizon; the place has managed to retain its authenticity, even though the Capo di Feno beach has gained some notoriety along the years.

Salads, fish, and rosé are practically served with feet in the water. Now there's an idea of what a successful holiday lunch can be. Products are fresh and vegetables grown on the restaurant's garden. Your impression of being at the end of the world will be palpable, as the beach is so well preserved. Its orientation and the wind that blows there sometimes have a lot to do with it.

The end of a beach day culminates in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere with a host of regulars enjoying excellent grilled meats over a wood fire, with gorgeous landscapes in the backdrop. For surfers, this is a hotspot of the Corsican coast.

Le Pirate
Capo di Feno
Route des Sanguinaires
20000 Ajaccio

+33 (0)4 95 52 00 44


Menu: around 20 EUR