Le Coucou, when France takes over New York

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Le Coucou, when France takes over New York

20 years after leaving the United States, famous chef Daniel Rose returned to his homeland and, for the pleasure of New Yorkers, opened a new establishment on Lafayette Street.

Look out, ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Rose is arriving in the United States, a love for France in his pockets. Dinner at Le Coucou is a guarantee to taste the clever mix of ingredients carefully chosen by the famous Parisian chef. Of American descent, he decided to come back to his native land in June 2016 and open a new restaurant.
The chef offers a seasonal French menu that has earned him accolades from food lovers from around the world, time and again. Pike dumplings, fried veal head with caviar, navarin stew of monkfish and black pudding with Espelette chili pepper dance in the plates emanating exquisite aromas of French gastronomy. As the dishes are brought out, hope you have saved room for dessert: omelette norvégienne (ice cream cake with biscuit and meringue), lemon crepe soufflé or vanilla Chiboust cream?

Le Coucou
138 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013

+1 212 271 42 52


Menu: around 60 USD