L'Hôtel: confidential

5 star
L'Hôtel: confidential

The smallest five-star hotel in Paris will appeal to those who love intimate boutique hotels. Behind the Beaux-Arts, this cosy connoisseur's address is its own small world right in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

When you choose to stay here, you are agreeing to stay in a unique place where you shouldn't be surprised to catch yourself whispering. Maybe it's because the soul of Oscar Wilde lives on in the salon, with its romantic subdued lighting? If one cannot exactly borrow the lifestyle of Wilde, who lived within these walls until his death, it is tempting to surrender to it instead.

The beautiful spiral staircase leads to 20 lovely rooms. Decorated in bamboo, with Japanese- or Russian-inspired fabrics, each room has a certain frivolity redolent of 18th-century dalliances. Inspired by Pierre Loti, Marco Polo, Mata Hari, or Queen Hortense, it is up to you to choose the character you like best, and stay in their room.

Among the hidden gems of L'Hôtel is the hammam pool set in a stone archway, and their restaurant, a Michelin-starred wonder.

13, rue des Beaux-Arts
75006 Paris

+33 (0)1 44 41 99 00


Rooms: from 317 EUR