Apotheke: a secret bar

Apotheke: a secret bar

An underground cocktail bar, hidden down a dark alley in Chinatown.

With its trendy clientele and superb, refined cocktails, Apotheke is one of the coolest bars in New York.

Finding the entrance alone is an adventure: start by exploring a dark alley in Chinatown, then look for the wooden door located under the 'Gold Flower Restaurant' sign, fiercely guarded by an imposing security guard, and you will probably have found the Apotheke. Once inside, expect to be immersed in a subdued atmosphere reminiscent of old European pharmacies. The fiery liquid poured into steaming bottles may make you think of a chemistry laboratory.

Gradually, as the night progresses, the bar turns into a dance floor with the encouragement of some excellent DJs.

9 Doyer Street #1
New York, NY 10013

+1 212 406 0400


Cocktails: from 16 USD