In Stockholm, the bicycle is king

In Stockholm, the bicycle is king

Forget taxis, cars, and the subway! In Stockholm, you cycle.

The bicycle is the fastest and most practical means of transport for getting around in the city. You can go easily from one island to another, and thoroughly enjoy the charm of the different neighbourhoods.

With 760 km of cycle paths, you can pedal away, far from car exhaust. As the city struggles to become carbon neutral, everyone is contributing by riding bikes! The paths are marked, protected, well lit; and listed on maps. You cannot go wrong or get lost! From April 1 to October 31, more than 1,000 'Stockholm City Bikes' are parked in the city. To rent one, buy a magnetic card at the tourist office. It is valid for three days and recharges online.

As well, almost all hotels make bikes or magnetic cards available to their guests. More cautious guests can also rent helmets.