Imagine the birth of Frankenstein in the Pré Byron

Imagine the birth of Frankenstein in the Pré Byron

Unparalleled views of the city and a touch of mystery: the Pré Byron is the place where ‘Frankenstein' sprang from the pen of Mary Shelley.

Located on the Cologny hillside, not far from the city centre, the Pré Byron offers breathtaking views of Geneva: opposite the dark slopes of the Jura, Lake Geneva unfolds in all its majesty, its colour varying according to the light of the sky.

The classical facades of the bay and the Palais des Nations form a striking contrast to the immensity of nature. This magical place is also one of historical literary relevance: it is the ‘birthplace' of Frankenstein. In 1816, that rainy ‘year without summer'.

Mary Shelley stayed with Lord Byron at Villa Diodati, right next to the Pré. Her novel, Frankenstein, became a success the world over and Shelley's monstrous creature is part of the collective imagination today. The Pré Byron is a place to relax, contemplate life, and to watch the Bol d'Or, the famous regatta held on Lake Geneva every year in June.

Pré Byron
Chemin de Ruth 9
1223 Cologny