Iglesia de Santo Domingo: a place of revered pilgrimage

Iglesia de Santo Domingo: a place of revered pilgrimage

This church, the burial place of Pizarro, is strongly marked by the darkest period of the Inquisition and its quest for power over the indigenous peoples.

In order to build on his land, the conquistador Francisco Pizarro made an alliance with the Peruvian people's most hated man, Vicente Valverde, the Dominican religious instigator of the murder of Atahualpa, the last Inca emperor.

This church, whose plans were revised many times, was completed in the 16th century. A place of worship for locals, it houses the relics of the three major Peruvian saints: San Juan Macias, Santa Rosa de Lima, and San Martin de Porres, the first black saint of the New World. The vast convent, a motionless world of piety and silence, has sculpted facades in the purest Spanish Renaissance style.

Embellished with Baroque paintings and numerous antique tiled mosaics, it aligns a beautiful row of small cloisters, complemented by colonnades and exquisite woodwork. The gentle murmur of fountains evokes dreams and meditation.

Iglesia y convento de Santo Domingo
170 Jirón Camaná
Lima 15001

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