Guts & Glory's logbook

conceptual - surprising
Guts & Glory's logbook

Every three months, Guts & Glory opens a new culinary chapter, entirely dedicated to the gastronomy of a different country.

Nestled between a cosy hotel and a burger bar, only a few steps away from the very touristic Rembrandt Square, Guts & Glory is a particularly popular spot in Amsterdam. With its bright and design decor including canary-yellow bench seats, the restaurant pushes conceptual buttons. As if through a book, Guillaume de Beer and Freek Von Noortwisk tell their shared gastronomical story in sequences. First chapter: chicken. When the restaurant opened, the two chefs were studying one different animal every semester - hence the Bresse chicken, but also Wagyu beef or Iberian pork. They try all sorts of cooking variations and the simplest ways to sublimate the product, letting its fundamental flavours shine through. From then on, chapters have been dedicated to the national specialities of given countries that change every three months: Italy, the Netherlands, Thailand… "World cuisine" is never felt more apt!

Guts & Glory
Utrechtsestraat 6
1017 VN Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 362 0030

Menu: from 49.50 EUR