Franz Liszt Academy of Music, soaring music

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Franz Liszt Academy of Music, soaring music

The greatest musicians have left their legacy in Budapest. The music of Franz Liszt is among the most impacting.

Already from the street, you might hear a few notes floating out of the rehearsal rooms. Follow your ears and open the door of this building. The music caresses the ears and warms the heart while the eyes dart about admiring this crumbling decor of frescoes, stained glass, mosaics and crystal chandeliers... The Franz Liszt Academy of Music, founded by the Hungarian composer in 1907 is an architectural Art Nouveau masterpiece whose skeleton is still regarded as an engineering marvel. Refurbished a few years ago, the walls have regained their original colour and decoration in a profusion of gold leaf - the communist ideological imprint having been removed. The tapestries and curtains are reminiscent of the opulence of the early 20th century. To best take advantage of all this, you must choose a concert from the rich musical programme, ranging from intimate quartets to large orchestras. You can also admire the magnificent fountain signed by Mika Róth, on the ground floor.

Music Academy Franz Liszt – Concert Hall
Liszt Ferenc tér 8
1061 Budapest

+36 1 462 4600