Explore the iconic Tjibaou Cultural Centre

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Explore the iconic Tjibaou Cultural Centre

The Tjibaou Cultural Centre is a contemporary building dedicated to Kanak culture.

The Tjibaou Cultural Centre sits at the heart of a nature preserve, offering you the chance to completely immerse yourself in Melanesian traditions and customs. You'll be instantly mesmerised by its outdoor areas and impressive architecture. The project was written into the 1988 Matignon agreements, and awarded to the famous architect Renzo Piano, who was also behind Kansai Airport in Japan and the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Here, he combined elements of traditional Kanak huts into a much more modern design. These seemingly-unfinished buildings serve as a reminder that the Kanak culture is still evolving.
The Tjibaou Cultural Centre showcases Kanak society and displays permanent and temporary exhibitions all year round on Kanak values and knowledge. The centre is also home to a performance space where local and international artists regularly stage shows, creating an eclectic artistic and cultural line-up where visitors can enjoy traditional dances and concerts.

Tjibaou Cultural Centre
Rue des accords de Matignon

Tel : +687 41 45 45