Europa Park, the one and only theme park

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Europa Park, the one and only theme park

Via the A5 motorway, you only need 45 minutes to reach the town of Rust and one of the most famous theme parks in Europe, which opened in 1975.

There are nearly 100 major rides and attractions including 11 roller coasters, an enchanted forest, and several theme areas devoted exclusively to children, which constitute the epicentre of this amazing German leisure complex. It draws a family clientele of nearly five million every year, which places it just after Disneyland Paris in terms of attendance.

You guessed it: diversity is Europa Park's major theme. European countries are represented in 13 distinct neighbourhoods with their specific architecture, landscapes, cuisine, and hobbies. A number of festivities are available in many languages, and there is a wide choice of shows including 20 musicals and a puppet theatre for children.

Besides the wide variety of bars and restaurants, the resort offers high-end accommodation via the presence of five starred hotels, each of which includes all kinds of festivities for children and their parents among their many services.

Europa Park
Europa-Park-Straße 2
77977 Rust

+49 78 22 77 66 88