El Club Allard: excellent and very select

El Club Allard: excellent and very select

Chef Diego Guerrero has turned this former club into a temple of Spanish gourmet cuisine.

Installed in the Casa Gallardo, a magnificent Modernist building built in 1908 by architect Federico Arias Rey, the El Club Allard was once a very exclusive club. Since 2003, it has become a temple of Spanish gastronomy.

To seduce you, chef José Carlos, who learnt his trade at some of the best national and international restaurants and now runs the place, lays on creative and highly technical cuisine combined in two different menus, "Gourmet" and "Spring", changed every morning depending on the availability of seasonal products. Pricing remains fairly affordable for that quality of gastronomy.

Be forewarned: because it is listed as a heritage building, there is no restaurant sign outside. Very hip, this popular place regularly hosts art exhibitions, literary awards, and the Enrique Ponce bullfighter prize.

El Club Allard
Calle de Ferraz 2
Bajo derecha
28008 Madrid

+34 915 424 092


Menu: from 80 EUR