Do Farai: a 1950s ambiance

must-go-to - welcoming
Do Farai: a 1950s ambiance

The canteen for gondoliers and lovers of Venice: a place not to miss.

This is the restaurant of the gondoliers, whose tournaments are displayed in picture frames on the walls. The room is old, simple, and friendly. In summer, a large terrace is erected in the middle of Campiello dei Squelini. You suddenly feel part of a family celebration.

The Venetians converse from table to table, talking loudly but also respecting your privacy. Dino takes control, Stefano prepares fish. For starters: tuna carpaccio, spider crab or sautéed shrimp with polenta. Next, bigoli in salsa, emblematic Venetian dish with whole wheat, onions and anchovies, or the other Venetian speciality, the veal liver served with mashed potatoes.

Warning: the dish is rich and it is impossible to go without dessert. We adore the sgroppino, a lemon sorbet with emulsified grappa (an Italian eau-de-vie) that Stefano mixes to order.

Osteria Ai Do Farai
Dorsoduro 3278
30123 Venezia

+39 041 277 0369

Menu: around 32 EUR