Hacı Bekir, delicious flavours

Hacı Bekir, delicious flavours

Don't leave Istanbul without tasting its famous Turkish delight, the recipe for which has endured since 1777.

The best Turkish delight in town, no doubt, is made by Haci Bekir, the famous confectioner who invented the recipe in 1777, upon returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca. The small gelatinous cubes are sprinkled with icing sugar and starch, flavoured with rosewater, and baptised “rahat lokum”.

More than two centuries and five generations later, the confectionery Haci Bekir created still exists, adored and appreciated in all countries of the former Ottoman Empire and beyond. The main shop, near the Grand Bazaar, has 18 different flavours. The classics are rosewater, mastic, and creamy Kaymak lokum. This unique delicacy, available in the winter months (heat and Turkish delight don't get along), should be eaten fresh. Along Turkish delights, kids will salivate looking at halvah, candies and other sugar almonds on display in shop's window.

Haci Bekir
Hobyar Mahallesi, 1, Zahire Borsası Sk.
34112 Fatih/İstanbul

+90 216 379 49 21