Creativity on exhibit in the Poster Museum

Creativity on exhibit in the Poster Museum

Graphic and typographic culture has always marked the country. Zoom in on a relatively unknown art.

Organising several exhibitions a year and an international biennale (the next will be held in 2018), the Poster Museum highlights the tradition of Polish posters, an art unto itself. The collection includes more than 36,000 national pieces and an additional 25,000 from abroad. During the communist era, the artists who created posters were granted a certain freedom of expression. For movies, censorship was mainly applied ahead of time prior to the shooting of the film itself. So graphic designers and illustrators managed to express their emotions on paper, with sometimes surprising results. International spy James Bond, however, never crossed the border into the Iron Curtain!
The museum holds many treasures that you'll want to remember, so don't leave without a souvenir, such as the series of postcards or posters launched by collector Krzysztof Marcinkiewicz with Ryszard Kaja, graphic artist, stage designer, and painter. According to local custom, the artist creates a double language with numerous Polish references.

Poster Museum at Wilanow
Stanislawa Kostki Potockiego 10/16
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