Chelsea Market: a jewel of a gourmet market in Chelsea

Chelsea Market: a jewel of a gourmet market in Chelsea

There's nothing better than roaming Chelsea Market when hunger strikes.

The former factory in which the famed Oreo cookie was invented and produced has now become the favourite place for New York's gourmets.

This 250-metre long building is home to many shops and stands swarming with tourists, locals, and food lovers in an authentic market atmosphere. Whether eating at the market or getting some take away, the Chelsea Market has become a must for food shopping and food trends. Most stalls even let you taste before you buy. Sushi, fish soup, Italian antipasti, cookies, ice cream and much more are available. Everything is prepared before you. As for the meat and fish markets, they are as fresh as they come.

If you had to choose just one shop in the Chelsea Market, it would have to be the Lobster Place, a temple of seafood. You will have fond memories of the delicious fresh lobster just off the boat from Maine. Wander throughout the stands to taste everything from sweet to savoury and from hot to cold, without guilt and with relish. Enjoy your meal!

Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

+1 212 652 2110