Charc Bar, for the love of cold cuts

Charc Bar, for the love of cold cuts

Notice to cold cuts lovers! Famous chef Danny Brown is in town, and opened the doors of the Charc Bar to you. Are you ready for a gourmet tour?

This charming little laidback restaurant with 25 seats serves grilled cheese and Serrano ham sandwiches, shrimp, smoked chilli and guacamole tacos, or homemade duck rillettes for spreading. Also on the menu are exquisite dishes featuring pasta and seasonal vegetables: fusilli with cauliflower, raisins and a mix of Indian spices, or linguine in creamy mushrooms. All you have to do is accompany your dish with a carefully selected wine, champagne or interesting beer, or maybe a cocktail! The Ginger Grant mixes sake, gin, lemon and ginger beer and the famous Scorpion Bowl for Two blends rum, vodka, gin, pineapple and cherry (to be enjoyed in moderation of course).

The dishes delight your eyes as they arrive one after the other at your table. You will end the meal with a perfectly ripe cheese and leave the establishment with a smile.

Charc Bar
316 East 84th Street
New York 10028

+1 646 719 1398

Menu: around 16 USD