Casa Mãe, an oasis of tranquillity in the centre of Lagos

Casa Mãe, an oasis of tranquillity in the centre of Lagos

Perched on the heights, Casa Mãe adopts the architectural conventions of Lagos while giving them a touch of modernity and a responsible approach.

A vast terrace surrounded by greenery, a permaculture garden, several villas, a large modern building, a splendid house dating from the 19th century… As you walk around Casa Mãe, you forget you are right in the centre of Lagos. And yet, you only need step outside the hotel's surrounding wall to follow the narrow streets that wind across the hill, descend on foot to the marina or push on further towards the beaches, or even Ponta da Piedade. “We are in an urban oasis, very quiet thanks to the garden,” enthuses Véronique, the owner, who originates from France.

This mini resort offers three types of accommodation: 22 bedrooms inside “Jogo da Bola”, the large contemporary, minimalist building that reinterprets the traditional architecture of the Algarve; five bedrooms inside “Casa Mãe”, the splendid historic building that gives the hotel its name; and lastly the “Cabañas”, three villas especially for families or groups of friends, with patio and private pool.

The hotel takes a responsible approach by focusing entirely on proximity: the produce used in the two restaurants comes from the garden, from a farm a few kilometres away or from carefully selected local producers, and the craftsmanship of the Algarve is evident in the spa and in the décor, as in the carefully-sourced skin treatments and the Olhão terracotta (a terracotta typical of the region). According to the owner, staying at Casa Mãe is more than being in a hotel, it is “being part of a virtuous circle”.

Casa Mãe
Rua do Jogo da Bola 41
8600-712 Lagos

Tel : +351 968 369 732

Rooms: from 170 EUR