Blue River Provincial Park: for total immersion in nature

park - not to be missed
Blue River Provincial Park: for total immersion in nature

Located towards the southern end of the main island, the Blue River Provincial Park promises a total change of scenery, in surroundings that are anything but ordinary.

The New Caledonian landscape changes completely when you head south. Gone are the white sandy beaches, replaced by red earth and vegetation straight out of the Jurassic. In the Blue River Provincial Park, the natural surroundings have remained unspoilt for millions of years. It's home to many native New Caledonian species, and is a great place for outdoor sports – you can walk, bike or kayak through the park's 9,000 hectares to explore the full extent of its beauty. Some must-see sites include the giant Kaori, Houp and Araucaria trees, which are hundreds of years old, and practically living monuments.
To the west of the park, the Drowned Forest will definitely catch your eye, with around a hundred bleached trunks rising majestically out of the man-made Yaté lake. You can kayak across this spectacular site during the day, or wait for a full-moon outing for an even more unique experience.
There's wildlife too: the park is home to an impressive kagu population, a bird which has become the national emblem of New Caledonia.
To make the most of this memorable place, why not camp out in one of the park's fully-equipped campsites?

Blue River Provincial Park