Bistroquet à la une, three-in-one

bistro – tapas bar
Bistroquet à la une, three-in-one

In Toulouse's Wilson district, Bistroquet à la une is at once bistro, canteen-like restaurant and tapas bar. Pick the one(s) you like!

Behind Wilson square, lunch time strikes two very different approaches at Bistroquet à la une. On one side, the bistro with its authentic and market-based cuisine displayed on the slate. On the other, the canteen and its lovely dishes in a small plate (those XS-type dishes that come one after the other) allowing your party to share (or not, depending on everyone's hunger) various flavours in one meal.

Everything here is based off fresh products and recipes change according to the seasons. Stir-fried foie gras and chopped pear with cider vinegar, or scallops a la plancha with yuzu espuma, gorgonzola cheese gnocchi… it makes it easier to choose! Unless you opt for one of those delicious prime ribs, aged for a minimum of 35 days. And on Sundays, it is brunch time at the canteen!

These two very distinctive styles come together at Bistroquet à la une, and they even blend at night into a welcoming and friendly tapas bar.

Bistroquet à la une
10 rue Labeda
31000 Toulouse

+33 (0)5 34 30 55 71

Menu: around 21 EUR