Bar Freud, when Austria sets up home in New York

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Bar Freud, when Austria sets up home in New York

Have you ever wondered what Sigmund Freud's office looked like? Bar Freud, in Greenwich Village, will give you a glimpse of it.

If there is no chance you will come across the famous psychoanalyst, you can however fall back on the bartender to tell your concerns to. As a tribute to its Austrian origins, decoration is inspired by early 20th-century Vienna, with an added industrial touch. The bar offers a generous cocktail menu, which will assuredly be to your liking. As for wine, bottles are directly imported from Austria and will be perfectly paired with your dinner menu. In that regard, food is also doing the country proud. Thick flour and egg spätzle pasta is served with chanterelle mushrooms and truffles. For dessert, do not pass by the apple strudel with a light whipped cream and vanilla topping. One bite and you will forget you are in New York City. Taking product quality and location into account, this address turns out to be truly exceptional.

Bar Freud
506 LaGuardia Place
New York, NY 10012

+1 212 777 0327

Menu: around 30 USD