Armaggan, chic and authentic gifts

Armaggan, chic and authentic gifts

One of the most beautiful shops in Istanbul: jewellery, accessories, fashion, leather goods... there's something for every budget!

Located near the Grand Bazaar, the shop is a must. Its impressive vertical garden and minimalist design are as remarkable as the quality of its products.

The six-level shop offers a wide selection of housewares, accessories, jewellery, and leather goods, all in a contemporary design but respecting the purest craft traditions. The house's luxury goods have earned it the nickname “the Turkish Hermes”. But fear not: while some prestigious pieces can cost several thousand euros, their cotton towels start at 16 TRY!

Armaggan is not a mere shop; its owner, who made his fortune in electronic devices, has a mission to perpetuate the best crafts and revive forgotten traditional techniques. Contemporary art is shown in the exhibition gallery. This is a concept store that you must visit without delay.

Nuruosmaniye Caddesi n° 65
34120 Fatih/İstanbul

+90 212 241 65 80