Arco de la Victoria: Madrid under the dictatorship

Arco de la Victoria: Madrid under the dictatorship

The Arco de la Victoria, built in 1956 to celebrate Franco's victory over the Republicans, is one of 86 symbols of the Franco dictatorship still present in the capital.

Whether they are street names, monuments, or inscriptions, all participate in the glory of 'Generalissimo Francisco Franco, Caudillo de España por la gracia de Dios'. Today, there are still countless Francoist symbols in the schools and buildings of the Catholic Church, whose hierarchy was closely linked to the regime.

Despite the Historical Memory Law of 2007, which stated that 'the government will take appropriate measures to remove crests, badges, plaques, and other commemorative objects or references of exaltation, personal or collective, of the military uprising, of the civil war, and the repression by the dictatorship,' you will realise, during your walks through the city, that all have not gone away. As proof, this impressive 49-metre-high arch is just 800 meters from the President's residence. Democracy shall never forget the turmoil of the past.

Arco de la Victoria
Avenida de la Memoria 32
28040 Madrid