Aranui V, all aboard for the Marquises

Aranui V, all aboard for the Marquises

The cargo ship is an excellent way to make one's way slowly to the Marquesas Islands, remote Pacific treasures fortunately reachable by this amazing boat.

The cruise is anything but banal: people on board consists of various travellers, from Marquesas returning to their homeland, to itinerant workers and travellers taking short cuts. The entire trip, a loop from Tahiti, lasts 14 13 days, but it is possible to perform only a part. The ship sails the vastness of the Pacific, making stops in the Marquesas islands, which are otherwise difficult to access, and where tourism is underdeveloped: thanks to the Aranui V, which delivers freight to these remote spots, they can now be visited very easily.

The loading and unloading in itself is fascinating, as are the Marquesas' deep valleys, sacred temples, and artisanal crafts. No need to search for an address to spend the night, the 126m ship has comfortable cabins with full board, pool and gym.

Aranui V
Compagnie Polynésienne de Transport Maritime (CPTM)
BP 220
98714 Papeete

+689 40 42 62 42

Rooms: from 342,234 XPF per person for 13 days (12 nights)