An Old Town… that is not too old

An Old Town… that is not too old

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area was rebuilt after World War II, taking 30 years to complete. 

Near the Royal Palace, the ‘Stare Miasto' (‘Old Town' in Polish) unfolds before you in red ochre. In ruins at the end of the war, this historic centre the size of a postage-stamp was rebuilt stone by stone following recovered images and photographs—and some say paintings by Canaletto.
This meticulous restoration was crowned by UNESCO in 1979. Since then, the yellow, ochre, and blue walls have lived well and now give the illusion of truly being twins of the originals, which dated from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.
Lose yourself in the narrow cobbled streets with multi-coloured buildings, look up on the sgraffito facades and set yourself down a moment on a bench in the marketplace or in a café. The Mermaid, symbol of Warsaw, is watching over this cared-for space today. You will eventually walk along the Barbican and its double wall, the fortified edifice between the Old Town and the new, where a delightful, timeless atmosphere reigns.

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