An excursion to a diamond mine

An excursion to a diamond mine

Just an hour from Johannesburg, discover the Cullinan Diamond Mine on a guided tour.

Considered to be one of the largest and most productive diamond mines in South Africa, the world's largest diamond was found here, measuring 621 grams or 3,106 carats. Nicknamed the 'Cullinan', it was discovered in 1905 and given to King Edward VII of England. A quarter of the gems from around the world comes from this mine and serves in industry or in jewellery. The galleries can reach 500 to 700 metres deep.

Created in 1992, Premier Diamond Tours allows you to explore one of the only mines of the region still open to the public. There are 14 well-qualified tour guides who will share their knowledge of this unique place. During your two-hour expedition, you will discover the techniques used by miners and participate in a lottery to try to leave with an exact replica of the famous Cullinan.

Cullinan Diamond Mine
1 Bank Street
Cullinan 1000

+27 (0)12 734 0081