Alla Madonna: sure value

italian brasserie
Alla Madonna: sure value

A family business dedicated to good food.

Suddenly, we are plunged back into the past. The servers wear great aprons, run with style from one room to another cutting fish and meat at the table, in the finest tradition of the Italian trattoria. What to choose? You are close to the Rialto fish market, so the fish arrive in the kitchen perfectly fresh.

For starters, try the Venetian fish soup with bread crumbs, the sautéed clams or the seafood risotto for the salty fragrance and tasty flavour of the sea that will provide an enduring nostalgic reminiscence. Then you only have to choose among the many pastas and dishes, including excellent Milanese ribs. If you would rather have fish, the fried eel, seabream and grilled red mullet are all very tempting, that is unless you cave in for the lobster and mayo…

Between two services, admire the paintings on the walls, all of which are signed by artists, gifts to the owner and his son, who has now taken over the restaurant.

Alla Madonna
Calle della Madonna 594
30125 Venezia

+39 041 522 3824

Menu: around 30 EUR