A cake break at Padaria Central

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A cake break at Padaria Central

From almond pastéis to morgadinhos, discover the best cakes and pastries in the Algarve at Padaria Central, a traditional Lagos bakery, more than a century old.

As you stroll along the Rua Primeiro de Maio in Lagos, the sweet smells of almonds, warm bread and freshly-made cakes and pastries draw you inexorably to Padaria Central. With its original shop front and Art Nouveau typography, this traditional bakery, founded in 1926, seems to have stayed unchanged since it first opened. Go inside and enter an Aladdin's cave of Portuguese cakes and pastries. You notice right away that the shop displays astonishing creativity in revealing the entire range of sweet treats typical of the region.

Famous above all for the classic pastéis de Nata, considered the best for hundreds of kilometres in any direction, Padaria Central also offers one of its specialities, the pastéis de amêndoa, which are the same shape as the pastéis de Nata but filled with almonds. However, do not stop there: keep looking, there is a host of specialities on offer: bolinhos de côco (coconut biscuits), morgadinhos (traditional cakes made from almonds and pumpkin jam), folar de erva-doce (aniseed cake), and so on. All the jewels of the region's sweet gastronomy are on offer to you! Opt to visit in the morning so as to enjoy a wider choice, and when the goodies have only just left the oven. You will eat them a little further on, at the Lagos marina.

Padaria Central
Rua Primeiro de Maio
8600-757 Lagos

Tel : +351 282 763 994


Prices: cakes and pastries from 1 EUR