100% Hungarian shopping

100% Hungarian shopping

Looking for a typical souvenir of Hungary? Hurry a visit to Mono Art & Design and Tisza Cipő!

For traditional souvenirs (paprika, pálinka, sausage, embroidered shirts or colourful cushions), we recommend the aisles of the large central Nagycsarnok market. But if you are looking for more contemporary design, choose the Mono Art & Design shop. This concept store collects the gems of local creation: from fine ceramics to notebooks that bring new meaning to writing, through children's toys (which might actually get them to let go of their tablet and mobile phones)... Over a hundred designers are represented in these 300 m2, regularly animated by exhibitions. The cherry on the cake? Ykra backpacks inspired by the look of the 70s. Another address to check out is Tisza Cipő sneakers, which started beating the pavement in 1949, during the height of the communist period. After a slowdown during the regime change, they are once again on the rise having become popular with the youth population.

Mono Art & Design
Kossuth Lajos utca 12
1053 Budapest


Tisza Cipő
Károly körút 1
1075 Budapest

+36 1 266 3055